Update on the coming crisis

In 2015, I mentioned that our predictive ‘SORAnomic model’ designated the years 2016-2018 as the pre-crisis years which would precede a period of global stagflation. 

Instead of Grexit, it turns out that the crisis in Europe would manifest as Brexit, which was unthinkable back in 2015.

Instead of any new debt crisis or financial crisis in the US, it would manifest as a stock market decline caused by Trump’s trade war. Again, such a thing was unthinkable back in 2015 when TPP was being pushed.

Recently. the New York Times published an article warning of a crisis in 2019 which matches somewhat the prediction I made in 2015. However, unlike that author, I choose to remain ambiguous about the specifics and instead just stick to generalizations because I know that chaos theory can disrupt any detailed prediction since the universe is not predetermined.

At the moment, I am very busy preparing the alternative economic system that is supposed to be the solution to such a crisis, so I won’t have time to post here as often.


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