Treatise of Human Nature

The relatively recent discovery of the Higgs boson, which opened up the real possibility of multiverses, has gotten me curious whether Enlightenment metaphysicians such as Spinoza and Hume made any maxims regarding the possibility of multiverses.

For this reason, I’m simplifying snippets of Hume and Spinoza’s writings about spacetime and atoms / ether / Substance to see if they had any clear positions regarding multiverses and time and space travel (such as teleportation or quantum entanglement).

– Juan Dalisay (April 6, 2015)

Book I. Of the Understanding

Part 1: Ideas

Part 2: The Ideas of Space and Time

Part 3: Knowledge and Probability

Part 4: The Sceptical and Other Systems of Philosophy

Book 2 The Passions


Book 3: Morals

Other Virtues and Vices

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