Research Outline


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Step 1: Prove that Economics needs to be replaced to avoid a Global Stagflation

  • Prove that recession, depressions, poverty, and inequality are avoidable
  • Prove that profit maximization  is the cause of most  economic problems and can lead to the degeneration, or added ‘toil and trouble’, of society
  • Explain how quantitative easing done from 2009 will cause a global stagflation before 2020
  • Explain the root causes of economic problems through the Value-Trade Theory



Step 2: Create a New Socio-economic Science

  • Create a new science called SORAnomics based on cognitive science or philosophy and not on mathematics or physical sciences
  • Create new principles from the time-tested maxims of Adam Smith, David Hume, and Eastern philosophers

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Step 3: Create A Working Socio-economic System

  • Use the latest web technologies to create a Social Resource Allocation (SORA) System to facilitate socio-economic activity
  • Use SORA to solve economic problems




Three important circulating capitals in Smith’s system:

  1. Store of Value = Precious Metals
  2. Tool of Trade = Currencies (paper or electronic)
  3. Measure of Long-term Value = Grains

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