Part 1 + Ad

A1. The first publication of the Theory Of Moral Sentiments was so long ago as the beginning 1759.

  • Since then, several corrections have occurred to me.
  • But I have been busy with many things and I have been unable to revise it carefully.
  • You will find the revisions in
    • Part 1, Section 3, last chapeter
    • Part 3, first four Chapters
    • Part 6, a new part
    • Part 7 has more passages on Stoicism.
      • These were previously scattered in the old editions
      • I have also explained more fully its doctrines.
    • Part 1, fourth and last section I have added observations on the duty and principle of veracity.


A.2 In the last paragraph of the first Edition, I said that in another discourse I would discuss:
  • the general principles of law and government, and
  • the different revolutions which they had undergone in the different ages and periods of society, in terms of
    • justice
    • police
    • revenue
    • arms, and
    • whatever else is the object of law.

In the The Wealth of Nations, I have partly executed the part on:

  • police,
  • revenue, and
  • arms.

I have not been able to do the remaining theory of jurisprudence because of the same  occupations that have prevented me from revising The Theory of Moral Sentiments. I do not expect to be able to do it because of my age, but I have not completely abandoned it. I have kept the paragraph as what it was when it was published more than 30 years ago, when I was still expecting to be able do it.

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