Positioning SORAnomics

In this post, we position SORAnomics relative to existing philosophies of Economics, Communism, Theocracy, and Anarchism.



Economics is a direct descendant of Mercantilism because it championed the cause of merchants and businesses, as proven by the dominance of the doctrine of profit maximization and the absence of wage maximization and rent or tax maximization. Marx tried to counter this with Communism which was supposed to benefit all. However, his major flaw was that he was also very objective (i.e. no scope for metaphysics or spirituality and he equated value in labour hours which is an objective measure).


Other philosophies  such as Theocracy and Anarchism, on the other hand, focus on spirit. However, these are very weak on the objective/scientific parts. Theocracy tends to go into absolute control, while Anarchism goes for no control.



Our SORAnomics is positioned in the middle of these, having self-interest, without degrading into self-love or selfishness. It gives prime importance to the public interest, in coordination with a strong system of governance which is well-funded and respected. It has objective nominal value, which is ultimately based on subjective real value as the labour theory of value basing value on food, which later objective economists criticized as ‘circular thinking’. We destroy this circular thinking by simply saying that: without food, human life is not possible. (this will be easier to prove in future human colonies on Mars where food will be more important than any pricing system)





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