What we have so far..

I started this endeavor for a solution for all economic problems (everything from financial crises to poverty & inequality) around January 2014. Unlike ‘Fintech’ startups which aim for a ‘cashless’ system, we are going for a ‘moneyless’ system very roughly similar to Simbi.

After over 2 years, the following have been produced:

  • A tech startup named SORA Tech with four developer interns to develop SORA system as a scalable, web based system for local launch in late 2018.
  • One alpha version social trading app named SORA (Social Resource Allocation) and a proof of concept disaster relief app named DIRA (Disaster Relief Allocation). Each has over just 9,000 lines of code.
  • Simplified versions of the works of Adam Smith and David Hume for publishing next year. A sample is online.
  • Two new theories as the ‘Smithian Profit Cycle’ and the ‘Value Trade Theory’
    • GDP is replaced by Purchasing Power and the Digression on Silver  (Book 2 and Book 1 of The Wealth of Nations)
    • A system for taxation which allows payment in kind (Book 5 of The Wealth of Nations)
    • A debt relief system that allows payment in kind and can be scaled to pay off national debt (Book 5 of The Wealth of Nations, Multilateral clearing by Schumacher)
    • A prediction of a future global economic crisis starting in Greece and China, to be followed by recessions in Europe, Asia, and finally the US, leading to conflict, just as the Great Crash of 1929 was naturally followed by World War 2 after 10 years.

Our milestones for the next 2 years will be:

  • October 2016 June 2017: Launch SORA Free Trade App (Alpha) to the local market
    • (Had to overhaul the system again and it delayed the launch)
  • Q3 2017: Have an proof of concept version of DIRA if we are accepted into the Ashoka contest
    • (Failed this because they wanted a finished product)
  • January 2016: Publish the simplified version of Book 3 of David Hume’s Treatise
  • Q4 2017: Publish Book 1 of Simplified Wealth of Nations Book 1
    • Cancelled publishing and instead focused on simplifying Hume’s Enquiry on Human Understanding because it’s more interesting
  • Q4 2018: Launch SORA to foreign markets


For comments or more information, please email: soraplatform@gmail.com


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