Presenting: ‘Dogmism’

Background: Modern Terrorism

Islamic terrorism became known worldwide because of the 9/11 attacks, which overshadowed previous attacks from the 1970’s. Since then, terrorism has been unfortunately and unfairly connected to Islam. This connection is easily brought back up to mind and conversation whenever a terrorist attack occurs, whether it was rooted in Islam or not. Whenever a terrorist attack occurs, the common expectation nowadays is for it to be caused by a disgruntled Muslim. Whenever it is proven to be caused by a Muslim, then anti-Islam sentiments rise and Muslims take a defensive stance. Proper Muslims expectedly denounce the attack and say that it was un-Islamic. But by then, the connection between Islam and terrorism would have really formed in the public’s mind. This in turn causes the public to be anti-Islamic which then creates more disgruntled Muslims who can get easily radicalized, creating more terrorists. The cycle is created and strengthened.


Cause: ‘Vulgarly’ Applying An Idea For Other Ideas, Which Are Just Remotely Connected

Since it is obvious that terrorist attacks are un-Islamic and anti-society, referring to such terrorists as ‘Islamic’ terrorists is a misnomer and ultimately a fallacy, since even terrorist groups themselves are mini-societies. Such attacks are based on a blind belief propagated by the founders of those terrorist societies. For example, Osama Bin Laden propounded a wrong and blind belief that terrorist attacks would drive Americans out of the Middle East. But in reality, it caused the Americans to flock into Iraq and Afghanistan as soldiers from 2003 and even caused his own death in 2011 through a US Navy Seal attack. In the end, Bin Laden’s belief left everyone — him, his friends and foes, Muslims and Americans alike — worse off.  Clearly, if Bin Laden knew his own interest and could either look deeply into the root causes of his anger or have foresight of its consequences, then his mind would’ve never created such a belief in the first place. But both David Hume and Adam Smith say such mental abilities are not so common in humans.


Proposed Solution: Create a New Term Called ‘Dogmism’

Since human minds are commonly ‘vulgar’ or shallow and unphilosophical, then the best solution to terrorism is to isolate the conflict to the parties involved and leave everyone else out of it. Humans naturally get angry and some humans might lose control like animals if they do not have the proper moral, philosophical or social education or training. Rather than name such blind-belief-based-conflicts as ‘Islamic’ terrorism, it would be more proper to call it under the blanket term as ‘Dogmism’ which refers to conflicts or problems based on blind, irrational, or vulgar beliefs. Each family or genus of Dogmism will then have its own specific species.


For example, we can refer to Al-Qaeda attacks as part of Bin Laden’s Dogmism, which is similar but different from Abu-Bakr-al-Baghdadi’s Dogmism (ISIS). Notice that in both dogmisms, the word ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ is never encountered. Another example is Hitler’s final solution of killing all Jews in Europe, which we can call Hitler’s Dogmism. In this way, the root cause can be easily traced to the originators of the blind belief, such as Bin Laden, Baghdadi, and Hitler, isolating them from Muslims, Arabs, and Germans respectively.

The public will then connect the terrorist attacks to the person/s or originator/s himself/themselves instead of to a whole religion, race, country, etc., sparing that religion, race, or country. Once the whole world, and even the originator, knows about the specific flavor of that dogma and its originator-person, then the world can simply find solutions against that person and the causes behind such flavor of dogmism.

The science behind this solution is in metaphysics, specifically in the theory that ideas have the same dynamics as viruses. Viruses are everywhere, but they only infect those with frail bodies and weak natural immune systems. Likewise, bad ideas are everywhere, but normally, people have strong or rational minds and have good educational systems to make them immune. However, in some cases minds become weakened or damaged and education becomes perverted, making it easy for bad ideas to take root in the mind, such as during the spread of Communist ideas in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia 50 years ago when those areas were battered by World War II and the Cold War.


Noun: Dogmism
Person: Dogmist
Adjective: Dogmistic
Adverb: Dogmistically


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